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Exhibition - Cena primátora mesta Nitry XXIII. ročník - 21.10.2017

Just few articles are in english language... in the future, the articles will be translated, especially about our exhibition

Kit of Il 18, OK - PAE

Plastic kit of Il 18, Czechoslavak Airlines, kit AZ Model, 1:144. It is typicaly kit of AZ Model - a lot of modellers work, nose landing gear was horrible - i was made new, all of four proppelers was made from six parts etc, etc....a lot of grinding, drilling, putty...but...i like this work. Kit is airbrushet with Vallejo colors, and small yellow and "metalic" parts on propellers are from home made decals. Work on a kit is publishet on WEB  modelforum.cz - see link in gallery.

T-70 1/87 Premo

Autor: Juraj Mikuláš
Model: T-70
Mierka: 1/87
Výrobca: Premo

A 10, Operation Iraqi Freedom

Plastic kit A 10. Academy, 1:72. Plastic kit is made from box without any attachements. Kit is painted with paintbrush.

T-34/85 Samek Models 1/144

Autor: Juraj Mikuláš
Model: T-34/85
Mierka: 1/144
Výrobca: Samek Models

T-26 1/72 UM, SKIF

Autor: Juraj Mikuláš
Model: T-26
Mierka: 1/72
Výrobca: UM, SKIF

Novgorod 1/700 Samek Models

Autor: Juraj Mikuláš
Model: Novgorod
Mierka: 1/700
Výrobca: Samek Models

Challenger 1 - Revell 1/72

Zrušením projektu MBT-80 a ďalším vývojom pre Irán určeného, ale nikdy nedodoaného typu Shir 2 nakoniec vznikol tak CHALLENGER. Nový typ britská armáda zaradila do výzbroje v r. 1982. Prvé sériové stroje opustili montážnu linku firmy Royal Orduance v Leadse ( dnes Vickers Defence Systems) v r. 1983. Koncom 80-tych rokov už asi polovica obrnených plukov Britskej armády disponovala tankami CHALLENGER.