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Exhibition - Cena primátora mesta Nitry XXIV. ročník - 20.10.2018

Just few articles are in english language... in the future, the articles will be translated, especially about our exhibition

SIAF 2013, Sliač airport, Slovakia

SIAF - Slovak international air fest. Photogalery from first day of SIAF 2013. Nice day on airport - static displays, air shows with planes WW1, WW2 and modern planes, helicopters etc. Smell of air fuel, roaring noise of aircraft engines, simply exciting atmosphere. Su 27, Gripens, Migs, Pits, Corsair, Mustang, Spitfire, Blackhawk, Mi 24, Mi 17 etc., etc... One big compliment for organisers.

HMS Alliance submarine

HMS Alliance - Royal Navy submarine. Submarine museum in Gosport, United Kingdom

Mi 8, OM - TMT, Techmont

Kit of Mi 8 Slovak operator Techmont, 1:72 scale, Kopro kit. I was made little changes on rotors, new external rear mirrors, and i was use some photo eteched parts. Decals are KPM Prešov. Kit was panted with paintbrush.