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Exhibition - Cena primátora mesta Nitry XXV. ročník - 19.10.2019

Just few articles are in english language... in the future, the articles will be translated, especially about our exhibition

Mi 8, OM - TMT, Techmont

Kit of Mi 8 Slovak operator Techmont, 1:72 scale, Kopro kit. I was made little changes on rotors, new external rear mirrors, and i was use some photo eteched parts. Decals are KPM Prešov. Kit was panted with paintbrush.

Kit TU 134, OK - CFE

Plastic kit of TU 134, Czechoslavak Airlines, kit AZ Model, 1:144. A lot of modellers work - grinding, drilling, putty.  I was made new nose landing gear, because  was horrible. Kit is airbrushet with Vallejo colors. Work on a kit is publishet on WEB  modelforum.cz - see link in gallery

Contest and Exhibition VERTIGO CUP 2013 Banská Bystrica

Contest and exhibition held in Banská Bystrica - next day of relax with medelers. Comfort zone - we will be there, we roll out our desk with kits, we have a yap, we watch other kits, we take some awards, we taste a sausages and ... some other, simply comfortable atmosphere