Novozámocká Modelparáda 2014

Výstava a súťaž v Nových Zámkoch. 4. októbra sa uskutočnila modelparáda - zúčastnili sme sa, bolo tam dobre, kopec známych, ale hlavne ako klub sme získali kopec ocenení.


Kit of legendary Russian Katyusha in 1:72 scale. Producer is PST and kit is typical shortrun.

Museum of aviation Košice

Museum is located near airport Košice in Slovakia. It is maping history of aviation. There are lot of old planes and  replics, a lot of Mig, Suchoj and Mil. Interesting is gallery of "president planes " - Mirage III, Phantom, balistic rocket Molodets, Nanchang Q-5 - Fantan, Draken and other. There is car exposition too. 

Museum of Tatra in Koprivnice

Tatra - it is known mark in car welt. Technic museum of Tatra in Koprivnice in Czech republic is maping history of mark Tatra. there are oldtimers Tatra, "Tatraplans", Dakar Tatras and more other. When you plan visit of museum, you must reserve more than 1 hour for visit.

Moson Model Show 2014

Moson Model Show 2014 held in Hungarian city Mosonmagyaróvár was a big contest and exhibition of plastic kits. A lot of models from lot of European states.  Organizers was made wery good job.

Autostadt, Wolfsburg, Germany

In a German city Wolfsburg is located museum of Volkswagen group, near the Volkswagen works. Autostadt is center for all car fans. Oldtimers, modern cars, atractions for children, nice place for all. There is place for every brand of cars fom Volkswagen group. Wolkswagen, Audi, Bentley, Seat, Lamborginy, Porsche, Škoda, Trabant etc. There you can see Bugatti Veyron, Audi R8 and other.