Mi 8, OM - TMT, Techmont

Kit of Mi 8 Slovak operator Techmont, 1:72 scale, Kopro kit. I was made little changes on rotors, new external rear mirrors, and i was use some photo eteched parts. Decals are KPM Prešov. Kit was panted with paintbrush.

Kit TU 134, OK - CFE

Plastic kit of TU 134, Czechoslavak Airlines, kit AZ Model, 1:144. A lot of modellers work - grinding, drilling, putty.  I was made new nose landing gear, because  was horrible. Kit is airbrushet with Vallejo colors. Work on a kit is publishet on WEB  modelforum.cz - see link in gallery

Contest and Exhibition VERTIGO CUP 2013 Banská Bystrica

Contest and exhibition held in Banská Bystrica - next day of relax with medelers. Comfort zone - we will be there, we roll out our desk with kits, we have a yap, we watch other kits, we take some awards, we taste a sausages and ... some other, simply comfortable atmosphere

Kit of Il 18, OK - PAE

Plastic kit of Il 18, Czechoslavak Airlines, kit AZ Model, 1:144. It is typicaly kit of AZ Model - a lot of modellers work, nose landing gear was horrible - i was made new, all of four proppelers was made from six parts etc, etc....a lot of grinding, drilling, putty...but...i like this work. Kit is airbrushet with Vallejo colors, and small yellow and "metalic" parts on propellers are from home made decals. Work on a kit is publishet on WEB  modelforum.cz - see link in gallery.

T-70 1/87 Premo

Autor: Juraj Mikuláš
Model: T-70
Mierka: 1/87
Výrobca: Premo

A 10, Operation Iraqi Freedom

Plastic kit A 10. Academy, 1:72. Plastic kit is made from box without any attachements. Kit is painted with paintbrush.

T-34/85 Samek Models 1/144

Autor: Juraj Mikuláš
Model: T-34/85
Mierka: 1/144
Výrobca: Samek Models

T-26 1/72 UM, SKIF

Autor: Juraj Mikuláš
Model: T-26
Mierka: 1/72
Výrobca: UM, SKIF