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Exhibition - Cena primátora mesta Nitry XXIII. ročník - 21.10.2017

Just few articles are in english language... in the future, the articles will be translated, especially about our exhibition

Rusian Space Shuttle Buran

Buran - rusian ( soviet ) space shuttle. This prototype is displayed in technic museum in Speyer in Germeny. This prototype vas used for atmospheric tests of gliding in years 1984 - 1987. It was 25 flights.

Modely Jaro Vnuk

Výber modelov z dielne Jara Vnuka

M1A1 Abrams / M1025 Hmmwv, 1/72

Autor: Marek Šebo
Model: M1A1 Abrams / M1025 Hmmwv 
Mierka: 1/72
Výrobca: Revell
Doplnky: Bez doplnkov



Malacky Model Shock 2015, Slovakia

Plastic Shock 2015 in Malacky is a first plastic modelers contest in year. Good prepared contest - a lot of kits and a lot of people. Goo start to new modelers year.

F/A-18E Super Hornet, VFA-14, 1/72

Autor: Marek Šebo

Model: F/A-18E Super Hornet VFA-14 Top Hatters

Mierka: 1/72
Výrobca: Hasegawa

Doplnky: Eduard





BTR-80A 1/35

model by: Laco Rezák
photo by: Martin Rezák


Plastic winter 2014

Traditional end of of plastic kits contests season. Plastic winter 2014 exhibition and contest of plastic kits held in Bratislava, Slovakia was a wery good action. Lot off kits, lot of  sellers and lot of peoples from Slovakia and arround the Slovakia.